Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A few updates for the tea!

With about 25 days left before our very first event, we've got a few rather important updates for those who are planning on joining us!

First off, we've had some really great door prizes donated to us by several members of the group and various companies. Everything from sewing patterns to gift certificates, jewelry and even a couple dresses are going to be given away to those who attend. Everyone gets a door prize ticket, but you have to attend to play!

Second, and I am so very sorry if anyone is upset by this, but the venue has specifically requested that no children come to this event. The house this is being held in is very old, and there are just too many tempting things out that someone could possibly hurt themselves on. We will have lots of kid-friendly events in the future, such as our upcoming spring picnic (date TBD).

Regarding RSVPs - it is very important that if you decide to come you let me know. Menus have been added to the website at the events page so you can see what is available. If you decide you want High Tea (the fancy tea service with all the trimmings) I must have a head count on that. They only serve the exact number of reservations they get that day and if you don't show, the tea still has to be paid for. Full details about how this will work are on the events page. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at info@garegency.org.

Very much looking forward to to seeing everyone there!

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