Friday, November 27, 2009

Door Prizes!!

With only eight days left before our first ever event, there has been a lot of work behind the scenes to get ready. I've finally gotten the list of door prizes together and am super excited to present it here to everyone! We have had a number of really amazing door prizes donated to our tea from several very awesome vendors and individuals. Every person who attends will get a free door prize ticket, but you have to be present at the tea to play! Here is the list of the fantastics items we'll be giving away.

Commercial Donations
  1. One Yard Italian Silk "Beethoven Garnet" - HYENA Productions
  2. One Yard Italian Silk "Vivaldi Garnet" - HYENA Productions
  3. $25 Gift Certificate - Burnley & Trowbridge
  4. $50 Gift Certificate - Reconstructing History
  5. $10 Gift Certificate - Sapphire & Sage Accessories
  6. Gift Certificate for Lunch (up to $20) - Sugarplums Tea Room
  7. Gift Certificate for One Free Sewing Pattern - JP Ryan
  8. Sewing Pattern 215 "Empire Dress" - Folkwear Patterns
  9. Sewing Pattern "Elegant Ladies Closet" - Sense & Sensibility
  10. Sewing Pattern "Stovepipe Bonnet" - Mount Hood Creations
  11. One of a Kind Regency Reticule - Thread Bare Stichery

Individual Donations
  1. One Pair Button Closure Opera-Length Gloves - J. Nelson
  2. Vintage Natural Pearl Bracelet - J. Nelson
  3. Regency Inspired Coral Strand Necklace - N. Hering
  4. Voucher for Custom-made Cotton Regency Dress - S. Cote
  5. 2nd Voucher for Custom-made Cotton Regency Dress - S. Cote

I can't wait to see who gets to take these fantastic prizes home with them! Hope to see you all there on December 5th!


  1. These look great---but the best part will be hanging out with those of a like mind, LOL.

    See you all next week


  2. Are we to receive no word of how the event went? Those of us in fashionable society DEMAND a report of who was in attendance, what they wore and who they socialized with &c., &c.

    I shall eagerly await your next post, and am:

    Yr most humble Obt Svt.
    The Doctor

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  4. Hey Everybody! We're still here! This blog will be getting an overhaul soon, but in the meantime, check out our new website: There you'll find photos from past events, details for GARS upcoming events as well as other events of interest hosted by sister groups, information about the Regency period, and much more!